Faculty of Education Leadership Development and Management

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Ms. W.M.P. Chandrasena Technical Assistant II
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General Administration

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Ms. M.S. Ruwanpura Technical Assistant I
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Mr. D.R.H. Fernando Office Aide II 
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Ms. P.A. Pushpamalika Assistant Librarian
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Ms. R.D. Sandamali  Office Aide III
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Departments of Professional Development& Education Management

Departments of Education Administration & Development

Foreign Courses Unit

Faculty Objectives

Provide initial management training and orientation programmes for education leaders.

Provide continuing professional support to education leaders at all levels to promote their career.

Develop appropriate systems to enhance education management competencies to those who are in various levels in the education system.

Improve community awareness and encourage community participation in education matters with special emphasis on school based management.

Provide consultancy for institutional development at provincial, zonal and divisional levels.

Collaborate and share educational management experiences with regional and International institutions.

Collaborate with other agencies to develop a new role for the Sri Lankan teacher.

Think critically and creatively to identify innovative models to improve quality of teacher education.

Identify a variety of courses to meet initial and continuing education needs of teachers and teacher educators.

Modernize curricula to facilitate initial and continuing teacher education

Prepare curriculum materials for programmes conducted at national level for training of teacher educators.

Introduce innovative strategies for satisfactory implementation of teacher education programmes.

Facilitate the role performance of teachers by catering to the development of background conditions needed for sound learning and teaching

Facilitate effective implementation of reforms in general education.

Center for Education Leadership Development (CELD)/ South Asian Center for Teacher Development, NIE, Meepe