Faculty of Research and Planning

NameMrs. M.P.R. Dhanawardhana
DesignationDeputy Director General
Official Telephone No.+94-117601705
Official Fax No.+94-117601778
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InAuditor Director
Mrs. R.B.N. Chinthanie Mrs. N.D. Dissanayake



Department of Planning and Evaluation

Department of Research and Development

Faculty Objectives

Create a scientific information base by meta-analysis of research knowledge to provide policy options on issues related to educational development

Promote action research at school level to improve practice, and strengthen the research capabilities of teachers

Disseminate research knowledge to all stakeholders in education

Enhance, quality efficiency and effectiveness of functions of the NIE through effective planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluating the activities of the NIE

Establish and strengthen linkages with foreign agencies to obtain financial and technical support in order to improve the quality of education

The Department of Research and Development will initiate, promote, conduct and coordinate research surveys and investigations related to any aspect of the development of education. The major priority of the Department is policy research, for the purpose of meeting the objective of advising the Minister and the Ministry of Education, regarding plans, programmes and activities for the development of education in Sri Lanka.

The Department of Planning and Evaluation will, in accordance with the regulations made in the act, prepare the Corporate Plan for the Institute, Annual Implementation Plan and Annual Budget. It will also monitor and evaluate the implementation of the plans in relation to the attainment of the corporate level objectives of the Institute as well as the Faculty and Divisional level objectives.

The External Agencies unit is responsible for all matters related to foreign funded projects and will coordinate with relevant local and foreign agencies. In addition, this unit will coordinate all foreign scholarships and fellowships.