Department of Printing And Publication

DesignationDeputy Director
Official Telephone No.+94-117601648
Official Fax No.
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Staff of the Department

Mr. E.L.A.K. LiyanageTechnical Asst. I
Mr. M.P. JayasingheTechnical Asst. I
Mr. C.B.C WeerakoonTechnical Asst. I
Mr. K.S.S. GunawardanaTechnical Asst. I
Mr. S.W. RustonTechnical Asst. I
Mrs. M.E. Swarna KanthiTechnical Asst. I
Miss. H.M.S. ManikeTechnical Asst. I
Ms. C.D. SooriyaarachchiTechnical Asst. II
Ms. T.A.D.I.K. JayathilakaTechnical Asst. II
Mr. W.G. JayaweeraTechnical Asst. II
Mrs. G.K. GamageTechnical Asst. II
Mrs. A.D.A. TharanganiCom. Graphic Designer - III
Mrs. V.M. GallageManagement Assistant - II
Miss.T.ChandrarajManagement Assistant - III
Miss. S.H. ErangaManagement Assistant - III
Mr. A.D.N. DewappriyaManagement Assistant - III
Miss. R.M.K. RathnayakaBook Binder II
Miss. C.S. HadapahandunnaBook Binder II
Mr. M. SugunavelPrinting Machine Operator - II
Mr. R.D.J.M. RaigamaPrinting Machine Operator - III
Mrs. W.P.P. HemamaliCutter (Printing Sheets) - II
Mr. G.A. AnandaOffice Aide I
Mr. W.P.P. WeerawardanaOffice Aide III
Mr. W.M.A.S. WanninayakeOffice Aide III
Miss. O.S.P. PereraLabour - II
Mr. H.B. Ruwan ChamaraLabour - III