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Department of Administration

Official Telephone No.+94-117601890
Official Fax No.
Email Address

Staff of the Department

NameDesignationEmail Address
Mr. L.D. De SilvaLegal Officer
Mrs. A.K.R. ChandrakanthiAdministrative Officer
Mr. U.P.A.D.A.K. KarunanayakaAdministrative Officer
Mrs. Y.S. MudaligeFinance Officer
Mrs. W.A.C. KumuduniManagement Assistant - I
Mrs. A.A. ChandralathaManagement Assistant - I
Mr. H.U. IndrapriyaManagement Assistant - I
Mrs. M.N. PereraManagement Assistant - I
Mrs. S.N.W. SilvaManagement Assistant - I
Mr. M.M.K.S. GawarammanaManagement Assistant - II
Mrs. G.L. PadminiManagement Assistant - II
Miss. C.B. FonsekaManagement Assistant - II
Miss. W.C. Weerasinghe Management Assistant - II
Mrs. M.A. NadeekaManagement Assistant - III
Miss. W.G. NadeeshaniManagement Assistant - III
Miss. W.M.H. Amanda KumariManagement Assistant - III
Miss. M.G.H. NayanatharaManagement Assistant - III
Ms. L.D. GayaniManagement Assistant - III
Mr. T.M.S. ShanthaProject Assistant III
Mr. A.V.M.J. PeirisOffice Aide I
Mr. C. AmarasingheOffice Aide I
Mr. R.M. SarathchandraOffice Aide I
Mr. T.M.K. PereisOffice Aide II
Miss. M.C. De SilvaChief Cook
Mr. S. GunarathneChief Cook
Mr. U.D. PemadasaOffice Aide II
Mrs. V.D. ChandrawathiCook - II
Mrs. M.D.D. LakmaliOffice Aide III
Miss. I.G. Devika PushpakumariOffice Aide III
Mr. N.D. RajasekaraOffice Aide III
Mr. V.A.D.P. LeelarathnaOffice Aide III
Mr. M.D.V. ChandimalCook - II
Mrs. A.K. RenukaCook - II
Mr. M. SunilCook - II
Mr. S. RatnasiriCook - II
Mr. T.D.U. SriyanthaCook - II
Mr. T.K.K. DarshanaCook - III
Mr. F.B. SanjeewaLabourer - III


Develop efficient human resources to achieve the Institutional goals.

Develop and maintain proper recruitment policy for all grades.

Develop and maintain a promotion policy for all grades based on proper appraisal system.

Maintain proper and effective retirement policy based on existing regulations.

Develop and implement procedures for Administration, Human Resource Development and Human Resource Management.

Implement proper procedure for Personnel Administration and Management procedure.

Implement efficient General Administration system.

Continuous enhancement to professional capabilities of personnel in the Institute.

Conduct and facilitate professional development programme based on training needs.

Develop proper infrastructure facilities to enhance the professional development programmes in the system.

Improvement proper accommodation facilities for all programmes.

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